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Khanbrand International Limited. is a professional exhibition company dedicated to the design, production and construction of global exhibitions. Headquartered in Hongkong with a group of highly qualified staff and professional department, it has set up branches more than 10 countries .such as China, India ,Turkey, German, Dubai, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States,  and so on. In addition, Khanbrand joined in the Bureau of International Expositions to share global resources for exhibition construction and has established a close partnership with other members to achieve global one-stop services.

In China, Khanbrand has established two sub-companies. One is Khanbrand Exhibition (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.The Other one is Khan Brand Exhibition (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.We also set up the workshop in Beijing and Shanghai to provide better service.

In India,Khanbrand also set up a 2000workshop for convenient service and provide a competitive price to customerif you have project in Indiaplease let us know before 15 days,we can satisfied with you.

Since its establishment, Khanbrand has taken the lead to launch the new exhibition system in the exhibition industry by virtue of professional skills, extensive experience, keen marketing sense and deep understanding on customer needs, and provided professional services more than 150 customers per year.

With its cutting-edge concepts and professional dedication spirit, Khanbrand has taken a leading position in the world’s most competitive exhibition companies and become the constructor designated by some organizers in the world. Through many years of unremitting efforts, it has been highly recognized by the industry and customers. 

Khanbrand hopes to make progress and create brilliant achievements together with you. With your support, we will continue to progress and contribute professional experience with our best effort to the development of global exhibition industry.


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